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Pharmaciopy uses world’s wealth of flowers to formulate its line of products with an aim to enhance the richness of your natural beauty. The major ingredients in our products work together with unmatched results for a gorgeous appearance.

Our commitment to offer unparalleled skincare products and services has made us the only choice to the most selective beauty enthusiasts. We are committed to pursue natural beauty and youthful look with the best skincare products and services. We love listening to our clients since it fuels our desire to satisfy their needs.

The philosophy of pharmaciopy is built on the principle that understanding nature and pharmaceutical science combined make high end skincare with high end results. We pride ourselves in the quality and effective treatments that has been recognized by both users and skin care experts. Our treatments and products have been renowned for their remarkable abilities to renew and rejuvenate.

The user reviews below are from our customers who take the time to give their feedback. We consider these reviews very important to us because they let us know where we need to improve. We’re always looking forward to reviews from our clients. So kindly feel free to drop your feedback, regardless of what you need to say.

We gladly welcome you to read more reviews from our clients here.

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Average rating:  
 25 reviews
byGrace K. onPharmaciopy
Gives GOOD results

After being disturbed by black spots on my face for four years, my friend recommended pharmaciopy skin care products to me. I have used the products for only five months, and my work mates can quickly notice the changes. I am feeling so good about my skin and the confidence have now regained.

byChristina onPharmaciopy
Good facial

I think this is the best facial I have ever had. The treatment room in the back of the shop was very nice. I had my face cleaned, then a bubbling mask was put on which made my skin tingle and I couldn’t keep my smile away ( despite that i was told to keep motionless) then a skin device with lights was put on and I really can’t remember the rest.... but it was definitely excellent for my skin.

byEmily B. onPharmaciopy
Lovely shop

I absolutely love the rustic spacious feel in the shop, not sure which aroma they use, felt like some mixture of vanilla and lemon. Was treated like a queen.

byJessica onPharmaciopy
Love this brand

I feel that the brands philosophy is really in line with my personal life philosophy. I think that we should be very cautious so we don’t destroy our planet. I would rather pay for expensive products and just buy a few than just fill up the world with garbage.

byexcited onPharmaciopy
dark circles gone

Immediate change of the dark circles with only one application.

byZerifa musa onPharmaciopy
Business owner

This feels amazing in your face

byGrace R. onPharmaciopy
The treatment that rejuvenated my skin like never before

It was a great experience receiving a skin care treatment in this shop. The aroma and the scent in this shop was so good and relaxing. It was a luxurious experience and I loved every minute of the treatment session.

byNancy H. onPharmaciopy
Best birthday gift

I bought a skin care device from pharmaciopy shop for my wife during her birthday as a gift. I was a bit skeptical since I didn’t know whether the product would work well. To our joy, the product worked perfectly well for her, and she loved it!

byJoy Thring onPharmaciopy
The results are thrilling

Fighting blemishes caused by acne isn’t a piece of cake. What discouraged me is that I tried out numerous products which made my facial marks appear worse. After visiting pharmaciopy beauty shop, I am glad to report that the marks are fading away, and the bright radiance on my skin is awe-inspiring.

byJacinta Michael onPharmaciopy
Gives results in a short time

I was very worried about the awful appearance on my skin when my daughter’s wedding was just one week away. I was looking forward to walk my lovely daughter down the aisle with beautiful and bright skin. Who wouldn’t? My daughter suggested that I visit pharmaciopy for a high-end facial. The results of the facial are worth every penny! I looked just amazing.

byEstella Alex onPharmaciopy
Prompt customer service

I was so happy about the incredible and swift customer service experience I had with this brand. My husband and I visited pharmaciopy shop, I received a facial and bought some of their products. On getting home, I couldn’t remember how to use the products. We emailed them. To our surprise, they responded instantly and explained to us everything step by step. Congrats pharmaciopy! You’ll surely go far and far…

byLiz Caseja onPharmaciopy
Tightens skin

The treatment I received from pharmaciopy tightened my sagging skin so well. After 3 months, their treatment is still effective and that’s why I say that their results are the most long lasting I have ever received. I can’t regret trying their services.

byLily Jefferson onPharmaciopy
Friendly and honest attendants

The shop attendants I met at pharmaciopy shop are so friendly, courteous, and professional. I loved the way they welcomed me into their beautiful and spacious shop. The facial services they provided were so good. The use of natural and non-invasive products left my skin more brighter and lovely to touch. What more do I need to say?!

byANN J. onPharmaciopy
Quality brand and luxurious skin care

I went for a skin care treatment to pharmaciopy shop, and I must say that everything about the look of my skin changed for the better. I now feel so smooth; my skin is now free from aging signs and looks much healthier than before. I believe this is what any lady who’s struggling with aging skin requires. It is just awesome.

byKatherine Johnson onPharmaciopy
Professional services

What made me love pharmaciopy shop is their personalized and professional skin care services and treatments. They first explain to you what your skin condition is, what can be done and different options you have. They later treat you like a queen. You’ll get out of their shop smiling and beautiful. I will always come back!

byHannah Kwesi onPharmaciopy
Their Treatment Helps maintain a healthy skin

After basking under the sun for hours during the holiday, my skin changed so much that I had to look for a way to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin. My skin improved so much after being treated at pharmaciopy shop. I will now enjoy my time at the beach next holiday with no worries.

bySavannah Harris onPharmaciopy
I Highly recommended this shop

I got so many compliments from my workmates after paying a visit to the pharmaciopy shop. I must say that the skin care experts in this shop are very professional and highly knowledgeable. They gave me all the advice I needed and recommended their excellent products. I must say that all what they gave is all I needed to revolutionize the appearance of my skin. Thanks pharmaciopy.

byNaomi Raymond onPharmaciopy
Excellent shop!

I found this shop to be the best shop for skin care products that eliminates skin pigmentation. I suffered from serious skin pigmentation after my first pregancy. This was so stressful because they were so hard to treat. My boyfriend reffered me to this beautiful shop which have equally beautiful and working products. Congrats pharmaciopy fro the good work and awesome results!

byCathy R. onPharmaciopy
I loved this online shop

My skin have been suffering from ugly pores that made me run away from mirrors and cameras. My self-esteem had deteriorated. I felt that all what I wanted was getting my beautiful skin back. I’m glad that I visited pharmaciopy shop and got all the help I needed!

byCarol Julie onPharmaciopy
The Brand That Never disappoints

I have used different types of skin care products to conceal fine lines and pores but nothing worked to the hype. After one year of trial and error, I finally landed to pharmaciopy online shop. I can’t regret buying their products, they actually work greater than expected.

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